Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

We finished our wonderful day on Tuesday with a long walk to the highest point on the Isle of Wight.  The children did not seem keen at the idea of a walk but loved the winding paths that hugged the coastline, giving amazing views over Whitecliff Bay.  We wandered up through the trees and over stiles, getting out of breath (the adults anyway) before we reached Culver Point.  The view over the Isle of Wight and across the Solent to Portsmouth was fabulous.  After a few songs and many group photos we made our way back to base to settle down for the evening.  It was a little easier to get the children to bed after such a sunny day, full of activity (the children had been outside in the fresh air and had hardly sat down between 8 am and 9pm!)
Up again at about 6.30 this morning for showers (even the boys) and off to breakfast ~ the sausages and hash browns were very popular!  A little cloudy this morning but another action packed day ahead ~ 3G Swing, Fencing, Climbing, Laser Zone, Aeroball, Leap of Faith, Team Challenge, Orienteering, Zip wire, and Balance Beam (this activity is pretty high!) To top it all off we will be getting into our Hawaiian costumes and heading to the beach for Limbo and sand castles.
The children are loving every minute and haven't mentioned mobile phones, X-boxes or TV's once ~ perhaps they will not ask for them when they get home!  More news later today.
Mr Parascandolo


  1. What an amazing time the children are having, wish like many, to be a 'fly on the wall'. Thankyou so much for your daily updates, they mean a lot to many of us parents back home. Many happy times and memories being made for all the children (and adults).
    Tanya abd Andy Holburn.

  2. Wow sounds lovely and a lot of fun. How exciting
    Linda Barry

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun - enjoy the rest of your week.
    Nicola ,Alistair & Amelia Hollington

  4. The walk to Culver Point sounds beautiful - even if they took some encouraging to go. I'm sure the view was worth it! It's lovely to hear what they are up to - thanks for taking the time to update us!
    Enjoy every minute Year 6 - you will look back and realise how lucky you are to have this experience together.
    Amanda and Tony Pelham

  5. We are so glad you are having such a fantastic time and the weather is being good to you. It sounds like non stop fun. Enjoy your party this evening and the rest of your week. Lisa and Izzy Collings

  6. Hope you enjoy your beach party tonight !

  7. Sounds like you are all having a lovely time, and eating very well. Mark, Kim and Amelia Goodchild