Thursday, 19 June 2014

They thought it wasn't all over...It is now!!!

Oh dear!  Much desolation in the Isle of Wight tonight!  We crowded into a makeshift football arena to cheer on England and for a little moment had something to cheer (great video clip to follow) but sadly it was not to be. I guess this week has been all about character building and perhaps the hardest lesson of the week was saved until the end!  The boys (and some girls) trudged back to their rooms and we haven't heard a word since. In the morning we will all get up and think about our next activities and start dreaming of 2018! 
Goodnight folks!

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  1. You all had a wonderful journey so far. Really enjoyed reading the Blog everyday. Great work by the team of Teachers and very well done by year 6.. Enjoy and have more fun on your way back home.cannot wait to hear from Savri all about the trip.!! Have a very safe trip home ..