Friday, 20 June 2014

The final hurdle!

Good morning folks, another glorious morning in the IOW and we are just about to wake up the little darlings! Hopefully the boys didn't shed too many tears last night and had a good night sleep.  The children need to get up, strip beds, finish packing (that should be interesting) and then head for breakfast.  They then have two final activities before getting on the coach to head home.  I suspect that the children will be sad to leave but also very happy to get home to see you all.  I would ensure that you wash them thoroughly before getting too close though!  They will be in a great rush to talk to you and get home but please could you remind them to say a really big THANK YOU to the four adults who looked after them so well this week.  Mrs Randall, Mrs Finch, Mrs Carter and Mrs Macdonald have been amazing!   Will try to update you when we are off the ferry and on the coach a little later. 
Mr Parascandolo


  1. Glad they have had an amazing time, can't wait to see Holly and hear all about it not so sure about the dirty washing though :). Save journey everyone! X

  2. What a week you've all had! Thanks for the great updates Mr P, it's been really good seeing a blow by blow account of the trip. A massive thanks to the 5 of you looking after them all, I'm sure they've accumulated some lifelong memories this week. See you all later.

  3. So glad to hear what an amazing time you've all had! How priceless those memories will be!! Thank you so much to all you teachers who have looked after our precious children so well and given them such a fantastic experience. Can't wait to see you Alex! Enjoy the last few hours and safe journey to you all.