Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nearly Over!

Another fabulous day that began after breakfast, back at the beach at 9.30am this morning.  More sandcastles, digging holes and some fun looking for crabs in the rock pools.  The weather is glorious ~ really sunny and not a cloud in sight.  Back for lunch (chicken or beef burgers and chips!) before off to Nightline (crawling in the mud) and some other fun activities.  Tonight the children have a choice between a campfire or watching the England match ~ not sure which will be the most scary!  Before that excitement the children need to get packed to go home (boo!)
In the morning they will strip their beds, go to breakfast and then have three final activities before getting on the coach to go home.  I may not get another chance to send any more information until we are on the coach but we will update you with arrival times as we travel home. 

* A little bit of bad news is that I am having real trouble with the burning of the photo cds, so I'm afraid that these may not be available for the children as they get off the coach.  I'm really sorry about that but the technology here has been about the only thing that has let us down this week.  I will do my best to add some photos to the blogs over the weekend and then will get the pictures to you on a disc as soon as possible.


  1. A day on the beach and in glorious sunshine too what more could you ask for ( well an England win too I suppose!). Thank you very much everyone for the regular updates and for organising what sounds like a really fantastic week of opportunities and memories.

  2. Thankyou again for another excellent update. It sounds just amazing, the best experience ever. Have a fabulous last night everyone. Tanya and Andy Holburn. Xx

  3. Sounds as though you have all had a magical week. Safe journey home xx

  4. Enjoy your last morning of fun ! Have a safe journey home, can't wait to hear all about your amazing week
    Clare Kyffin