Sunday, 22 June 2014

Let me know what you loved about Kingswood

A message to all of the children who went to Kingswood last week. 

I hope that you have recovered and have enjoyed your weekend so far.  Please could you let me know what you thought of your week in Kingswood.  Tell me about your favourite activities, the accommodation, the food, your best moments of the week and whether you would recommend the trip to the children in Year 5.  Add your thoughts by clicking on the pencil symbol to make a comment.  Please write your first name only at the end of your comment.   Thank you, Mr. Parascandolo.

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Balance Beam

Leap of Faith

Saturday, 21 June 2014

3G Swing

3G Swing ~ Probably the children's favourite activity!

Beach Party Slideshow

Friday, 20 June 2014

The final hurdle!

Good morning folks, another glorious morning in the IOW and we are just about to wake up the little darlings! Hopefully the boys didn't shed too many tears last night and had a good night sleep.  The children need to get up, strip beds, finish packing (that should be interesting) and then head for breakfast.  They then have two final activities before getting on the coach to head home.  I suspect that the children will be sad to leave but also very happy to get home to see you all.  I would ensure that you wash them thoroughly before getting too close though!  They will be in a great rush to talk to you and get home but please could you remind them to say a really big THANK YOU to the four adults who looked after them so well this week.  Mrs Randall, Mrs Finch, Mrs Carter and Mrs Macdonald have been amazing!   Will try to update you when we are off the ferry and on the coach a little later. 
Mr Parascandolo

Thursday, 19 June 2014

They thought it wasn't all over...It is now!!!

Oh dear!  Much desolation in the Isle of Wight tonight!  We crowded into a makeshift football arena to cheer on England and for a little moment had something to cheer (great video clip to follow) but sadly it was not to be. I guess this week has been all about character building and perhaps the hardest lesson of the week was saved until the end!  The boys (and some girls) trudged back to their rooms and we haven't heard a word since. In the morning we will all get up and think about our next activities and start dreaming of 2018! 
Goodnight folks!

Nearly Over!

Another fabulous day that began after breakfast, back at the beach at 9.30am this morning.  More sandcastles, digging holes and some fun looking for crabs in the rock pools.  The weather is glorious ~ really sunny and not a cloud in sight.  Back for lunch (chicken or beef burgers and chips!) before off to Nightline (crawling in the mud) and some other fun activities.  Tonight the children have a choice between a campfire or watching the England match ~ not sure which will be the most scary!  Before that excitement the children need to get packed to go home (boo!)
In the morning they will strip their beds, go to breakfast and then have three final activities before getting on the coach to go home.  I may not get another chance to send any more information until we are on the coach but we will update you with arrival times as we travel home. 

* A little bit of bad news is that I am having real trouble with the burning of the photo cds, so I'm afraid that these may not be available for the children as they get off the coach.  I'm really sorry about that but the technology here has been about the only thing that has let us down this week.  I will do my best to add some photos to the blogs over the weekend and then will get the pictures to you on a disc as soon as possible.

Group Photo

Our group photo on the beach tonight!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Beach Party

WOW! This is what we found when we arrived at the beach for our Hawaiian Party this evening. The most gorgeous beach in beautiful sunshine and we had nearly all of it to ourselves!  The children looked so good in their outfits and the other schools looked on in envy as we set off with our buckets and spades at 7.30. The whole evening was spent building sandcastles and we had such a good time.  At the end of the evening we had a huge group photo and looked forward to coming back again for the whole morning for beach studies and fun and games tomorrow.  Exhausted, a bit sandy but having the time of our lives!!  Missing you all (a bit! )  Good night from Kingswood
Mr Parascandolo

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

We finished our wonderful day on Tuesday with a long walk to the highest point on the Isle of Wight.  The children did not seem keen at the idea of a walk but loved the winding paths that hugged the coastline, giving amazing views over Whitecliff Bay.  We wandered up through the trees and over stiles, getting out of breath (the adults anyway) before we reached Culver Point.  The view over the Isle of Wight and across the Solent to Portsmouth was fabulous.  After a few songs and many group photos we made our way back to base to settle down for the evening.  It was a little easier to get the children to bed after such a sunny day, full of activity (the children had been outside in the fresh air and had hardly sat down between 8 am and 9pm!)
Up again at about 6.30 this morning for showers (even the boys) and off to breakfast ~ the sausages and hash browns were very popular!  A little cloudy this morning but another action packed day ahead ~ 3G Swing, Fencing, Climbing, Laser Zone, Aeroball, Leap of Faith, Team Challenge, Orienteering, Zip wire, and Balance Beam (this activity is pretty high!) To top it all off we will be getting into our Hawaiian costumes and heading to the beach for Limbo and sand castles.
The children are loving every minute and haven't mentioned mobile phones, X-boxes or TV's once ~ perhaps they will not ask for them when they get home!  More news later today.
Mr Parascandolo

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Another fabulous day!

Another fabulous day here in the Isle of Wight.  The sun has been shining all day and there isn't a cloud in the sky.  Your children are BRILLIANT ~ all getting on so well and really supportive and encouraging of each other as they attempted Zip Wire, Abseiling, Leap of Faith and 3G Swing.  Fish and chips for lunch and chicken curry for tea!! We are off for a long walk to the highest point in the Isle of Wight now and then to bed!!

More later if possible...

Sunshine and Happiness!

Not a bad night sleep!  Most children quiet and at least pretending to be asleep by 11pm! 
Up not long after 6 for cold showers, opening windows in bedrooms for fresh air and breakfast.  Children a little sleepy this morning but after a game of beach volleyball they were ready to get going on their first activities at 9.30.  We have seen some very courageous children taking a 'Leap of Faith' and being hoisted really high for the '3G Swing'.  Off for a drink as it is beginning to get very warm and sunny!

Monday, 16 June 2014

What a Circus!

Oh what fun we are having watching the children attempting to juggle and spin plates, amongst many other circus skills this evening (don't worry mums, no lion taming!)
We have quite a few tired faces (even though they are not going to admit it).  Off for hot chocolate at 9pm and then the biggest challenge of the day ~ getting them to go to sleep.
We have all had a fab day today and really looking forward to another action packed day full of new adventures tomorrow.  Up at 7 and then to breakfast for 8.  In different groups the children will be attempting 3G Swing, Leap of Faith, Fencing, Archery, Climbing, Bushcraft Challenge, Zip Wire and Abseiling!!!   Will do our best to give you another update in the morning.  Sweet dreams (I should be so lucky!)
Mr Parascandolo

Settled In!

Hi folks,
We have arrived safely and are already relaxed and having a lovely time.   Great fun sorting beds and quilt covers as expected!  The children are delighted with their rooms which are fairly spacious and quite recently renovated ~ some have even got sea views!!
The children have had a tour of the site, taken part in a fire drill, unpacked (sort of) and are now doing their first activities of the week ~ Aeroball, Fencing, Team Challenge and Lazer Zone.  Then off to dinner at 6.15 before taking part in Circus Skills this evening!  
Hopefully they will be really tired by then and we will head off to bed.  The wifi and internet is not great here but I will do my best to keep you updated ~ I may not be able to post as many photos as I would have liked but I will do my best.

Mr Parascandolo

Arrived at Kingswood

Arrived safely at 1.30pm
Everybody very excited!

Arrived at Portsmouth

We have arrived safely (and quite early) at Portsmouth and are now sitting, waiting patiently (sort of) for our ferry. The children are frantically searching for their passports after someone was very mean and told them that they needed them!  We are hoping that we might be allowed on an early crossing but we will have to wait and see.  We will update you all when we arrive at the Kingswood centre a little later this afternoon.